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Donkey Ollie Children Books have been distributed around the world. The book series consist of eighty colorful stories based on the well loved cartoon character- Donkey Ollie. Donkey Ollie was animated in Hydrebad India DQ animation the same studio responsible for Jungle Book and the Mickey Mouse House Club. The Donkey Ollie books are tought to hundreds of thousand of children in the USA, Africa and South America. Forty of the most recent books illustrated famous Parables from the Word of God. This series is popular with all groups of believers. LDS members enjoy the books as do Coptic believers, Roman Catholics, Mainline Protestants, Hindus, Muslims, Christian Scientists,Sikhs, and even Pentecostals. Donkey Ollie was directed by Doug Aberle who worked on early Michael Jackson Videos and Claymation with Will Vinton, It was written by Brian Stewart, author and keyboardist for the Heavy Metal Band - Northern Light Orchestra. It is the goal of the books producers to distribute the books free of charge worldwide. The books are currently printed in Amaharic where they are taught throughout the country of Ethiopia. They are taught in Pemba, Mozambique at the IRIS training center and in Lima, Peru to school children. Hundreds of thousand of free printed books have been distributed throughout the United States free of charge by Boat Angel Donation Center an eBay charity organization. Free copies are available online at the donkey ollie website by request.

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Donkey Ollie Children's Books

Donkey Ollie Children's Books

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